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Aaron is a licensed firearm and safety instructor for Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit and Handgun Self-Defense classes. Aaron provides excellent quality classes to students who are interested in learning or improving weapon handling and threat preparedness skills.

He is an Army Infantry veteran, Certified by the NRA, RWVA and the state of TN to teach Handgun, Rifle, Range Safety Officer, Refuse to Be a Victim, and Cartridge Reloading.

About Our Facilities

Classes are held in the Memorial Center (Minidome) at East Tennessee State University. The indoor range is a shared facility for the ETSU Marksmanship classes and club. The range is located below the Minidome and meets all federal guidelines for indoor firing range safety. Facilities include 14 firing lanes, motorized cable target holders, and equipment to aid in firearm accurcy, use, and safety.


Available Classes

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Classes are held in the Memorial Center at East Tennessee State University, typically on Saturdays. Parking for classes is available in the adjacent lot on John Robert Bell Drive (see map below for directions). Handgun carry permit classes are $60 (guns and ammo are provided) and special tactical classes start at $125 per person (attendees must bring their own guns, ammo, and a current handgun carry permit).

We will also now be taking 3 oz. of silver or $3.50 face value of silver coin.

For more information, contact Aaron Henley at or call 423-928-3201.

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